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Trade in fuels

MAGTRANS petrol stations

At our 24-hour petrol stations you can not only fill up with the highest quality fuel at attractive prices but also take advantage of a number of additional services.


Fuels with ACTIVE technology remove harmful deposits from engines and prevent new deposits. ACTIVE technology is now available in all the liquid fuels we offer our clients. This allows you to drive more kilometers on one fuel tank and protect your vehicle's engine.

Wild Bean Cafe - MAGTRANS

Each of our stations offers Wild Bean Cafe to our clients. We realize that our clients are often very busy and have little time. We offer delicious and diverse offers daily especially for you.


You can take care of your vehicle comprehensively at our stations thanks to the EHRLE car washes. The innovative active foam system, professional high-pressure cleaners, dual water treatment system, original German cleaning agents, will make your car shine.

Payback - MAGTRANS

At our petrol stations you can collect Payback points and exchange them for fantastic prizes or pay for your purchases with points.

Stacje całodobowe - MAGTRANS

We invite you to shop around the clock at our petrol stations. You can shop seven days a week and take advantage of unique promotional offers.

Where can you find our petrol stations?

BP Petrol Station Busko Zdrój

ul. Boh. Warszawy 116
28-100 Busko Zdrój
By provincial road No. 767 (Busko Zdrój - Pińczów)

ph.: +48 41 370 49 21
e-mail: stacja.busko@magtrans.eu

BP Petrol Station Połaniec

ul. Czarnieckiego 2A
28-230 Połaniec
By national road No. 79 (Kraków - Sandomierz)

ph.: +48 41 370 49 42
e-mail: stacja.polaniec@magtrans.eu

BP Petrol Station Górno

26-008 Górno Parcele 3A
By national road No. 74 (Kielce - Lublin)

ph.: +48 41 370 49 35
e-mail: motelgorno@magtrans.eu

BP Petrol Station Wola Morawicka

ul. Tarnowska 146
26-026 Wola Morawicka
By national road No. 73 (Kielce - Tarnów)

ph.: +48 41 370 49 52
e-mail: stacja.morawica@magtrans.eu

BP Petrol Station Proszowice

ul. Tadeusza Kościuszki 86
32-100 Proszowice
By national road No. 775

ph.: +48 41 370 49 11
e-mail: stacja.proszowice@magtrans.eu

Trade in fuels - MAGTRANS

Distribution of diesel fuel

MAGTRANS has been selling diesel for many years. We have a reputation as a reliable and steady supplier. Our offer is directed to business clients and individual customers, guaranteeing attractive prices and fast delivery time of any quantity of diesel oil.

We offer our clients:

  • top quality fuels - we distribute fuel only from the LOTOS, ORLEN and SLOVNAFT refineries
  • wholesale prices with included transport costs
  • the fastest delivery - efficient logistics is our domain
  • security and safety - we are a trusted partner in business, we have been operating in the fuel industry for over 17 years

Distribution of heating oil

MAGTRANS sells heating oil all year round to both individual and institutional customers for use in heating installations.

We are an authorized distributor of diesel oil of the LOTOS GROUP. The ordered goods are delivered to you free of charge, by our own transport to the indicated address.

Trade in fuels - MAGTRANS
Fuel Department  

ph.: +48 41 370 49 21
ph.: +48 600 437 921


Headquarters / Transportation Depot

ul. Bohaterów Warszawy 116
28-100 Busko Zdrój

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