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Diagnostics - MAGTRANS

MAGTRANS Regional Vehicle Control Station is located right next to the BP Fuel Station in Busko-Zdrój at ul. Bohaterów Warszawy 116.

Since 2002 we have been offering our customers testing of all types of vehicles and all types of technical inspections.

Technical inspections performed at our station are carried out with modern computer equipment by qualified personnel. A modern diagnostic station allows you to check every vehicle.

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Types of technical tests that we perform

tests after
construction changes
inspections of
historic vehicles
inspections before
purchasing a vehicle

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ph. +48 41 370 49 25

Opening hours:

Monday to Friday: 8 am to 6 pm

Saturday: 8 am to 2 pm

Sunday: closed


Headquarters / Transportation Depot

ul. Bohaterów Warszawy 116
28-100 Busko Zdrój

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Caring for quality

ISO 9001:2015

The overriding goal of our operations is to ensure
customer satisfaction